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I don't know if I'm added or whatever here but here goes.

My bf likes to comment that I used to not like a certain band cuz this girl that I thought was trying to steal him away from me while I was in a coma likes them but it's totally not true and I am tired of him thinking it is. It's lame and annoying.

Introducing Myself

a) Alicia Burhoe

b) 15

c) New Brunswick, Canada

d) In a long term relationship with a geeky 18 year old BOY who I bitch about A LOT.


                  -I hate boys-
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Hi girls, I hope you don't mind if I join. I'm from the UK, and I have a (for the moment) wonderful boyfriend. I've had a LOT of 'boys are stupid' moments though, through having had several long term relationships and would really love to have a place to complain and help anyone who's going through the bad boy things that I've been through! Sorry I haven't got a picture to put up but I'm not too good with computers and to be honest don't actually know how to do it! Maybe someone could help me? I'm looking forward to chatting with everyone.

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hey girlssssss

sorry this community has been a little dead for the past... year!

we haven't really payed attention to it D:

BUT i'm going to make an effort to make it nice hereeee again

thanks for joining and posting!!

<3 Jamie

Image hosted by Me and Kayla the Maintainers :D :D :D

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My Application

a) Your name: Jen
b) Age: 19
c) Location: Swiftwater, PA
d) Boy status: Recently broke up with the boy. </3

 <~ my old user pic of me and him.

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